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Yaasalu is an informal dictionary for the telugu people and by the telugu people of slangs or telugu words that have fallen out of fashion. While there are many existing dictionaries, some of them don’t have the most recent slangs or those of the past generation. Since the words and their meanings come up public they will be in everyday spoken language and examples.

From the Ahikuntikas in ceylon, through the temple town of tanjavuru, passing by the chenchus in the forests of Seshachalam and Nallamala, being proud of the ancient ruins of nagarjunakonda, orugallu and bowing to the resilience of the people who charminar was dedicated to. rowing past the civilizations on the banks of the rivers of Godavari, Krishna, Being a shining lighthouse for the fishermen on the andhra coast, and the bonfire for the kondareddis and koyas in northern forests, and the kindred fire within the telugu language consseieurs in Barampuram.

From the blue waters of the pacific in the Fijian coast and the Jungles of South Africa, and the resilience of the people in the mauritian and malaysian part of the indian ocean.

And the world wide expats and the diaspora of the twenty first century, armed with intellect and creativity.

Separated by slangs and imaginary borders and united by the Telugu language, lets leave no Telugu word spoken by any Telugu person behind. Let Telugu and Telugu varu prosper.

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